We are looking for illustrators.
That's me!
We are helping independent authors to self-publish their children’s books.

We are located in Australia, our client may be located in US, you may be located in Mars, no problem at all. Our clients have manuscripts which we turn to children’s books. We match them with an illustration style from our Styles page. That’s where you come in. When your style is picked, we work together, on project basis.

More about us can be seen on http://tadaabook.com

Are you interested in being in our Styles page?
What's your name? *

Can we get a link to your portfolio?

If you don’t have an online portfolio or if you prefer, PDF portfolios are very welcome too. (Less than 10 MB, 10 pages at most) | hi(at)tadaabook.com
Do you have published children’s books?

Are you familiar with these kind of words:“CMYK - bleed - rich black - double spread - storyboard”?

We are working with independent authors and we seriously consider their ideas and feedback. After all it’s their project, and they say the final word. Is that okay for you?

We work collaboratively. You will work with an art director, who may want to change your storyboard - sketches - illustrations. Are you okay with that?

If we decide to sign a contract, we will use three of your illustrations as style samples. So our clients can select your work from the Styles section. We use nicknames there, instead of real names. Are you okay with that?

We don’t have hundreds of clients (yet). You may join us and we may not be able to give you any work at all. Is that okay?

Name three of your favourite picture book illustrators

Finally, what’s your price range per illustration? *

We will pay you a fixed price, not royalties. We would love to pay heaps of money to all creators. But unfortunately our clients are usually self-publishers, with a limited budget. Please keep that in mind when quoting. Don't forget to mention the currency.
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